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Do You need help?

If you have problems that you cannot handle yourself and where you need external help, please contact us.

You can contact us with any of the following problems

  • Legal assistance – disputes with collection agencies and similar companies, in addition to legal advice in general
  • Children’s rehabilitation that is not financed by the state
  • Treatments where a large co-payment is required
  • Other issues related to treatment and coping
  • If you need clothes, furniture or other such things, which maybe we can provide with the help of our supporters

Make yourself known

Write here things, problems you need help with! Give as precise a description of the problem as possible.

    Donate via banklink

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    Donate via phonecall

    No additional fees for call operators

    9008810 – 10€

    9008850 – 50€

    Donate via bank transaction

    LHV EE167700771002598797
    SEB EE101010220101993019
    Swedbank EE672200221046387155
    Receipt: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
    Description: Donation

    Be sure to add your social security number to transaction description, if you want to get could get back taxes.

    Donave via SMS

    Send message “Naerata” to number 13013 and you will donate 1.60€

    Send message “Naerata” to number 13017 and you will donate 3.20€

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