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Permanent donation

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We help families and children in need
also people with health problems...
Help us help!
We help all over

+ We have joined nonprofit-organization code of ethics

+ We are listed as organization, that benefits tax-relief


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Active projects

Helping 34-year old Natalja

Dear friends! Natalja needs our help. She is suffering from a rare and devastating disease called pansclerotic morphea. The young woman had to suspend her PhD studies because of her declining health. She spends her days painfully changing her bandages,

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Help 55-year-old Triinu

Dear friends! Our help is needed. 55-year-old Triinu, who lives near Haapsalu in Läänemaa parish, is sadly confined to a wheelchair, but she is a kind and energetic lady. As much as she has been able to, she has donated

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Citizens, who have made permanent donation

  • Helen Väljaste
  • Marius Lillmaa
  • Martti Eino
  • Kadri Truup
  • Raivo Toming
  • Peeter Ingerma
  • Anneli Sepp
  • Merle Laurimäe
  • Feliks Undusk
  • Janne Urbas
  • Kaarel Pehk
  • Ave Seisler
  • Georg Lassur
  • Vladimir Kõrov
  • Heidy Rea
  • Siim Aimla
  • Ly Ülevain
  • Triin Saar
  • Carmen Pajuste
  • Liina Kilk
  • Alder Harkmann
  • Kaisa Bibikov
  • Anneli Riima
  • Triin Tali
  • Sergei Astafjev
  • Eiki Rump
  • Merle Loos
  • Martin Dorbek
  • Elina Konso
  • Sandra Sammler

Companies, who have made permanent donation

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9008810 – 10€

9008850 – 50€

Donate via bank transaction

LHV EE167700771002598797
SEB EE101010220101993019
Swedbank EE672200221046387155
Receipt: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Description: Donation

Be sure to add your social security number to transaction description, if you want to get could get back taxes.

Donave via SMS

Send message “Naerata” to number 13013 and you will donate 1.60€

Send message “Naerata” to number 13017 and you will donate 3.20€

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