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How to help?

At Naerata Ometi NGO, our core mission is to channel assistance to those who need it most. Our projects are deeply rooted in compassion and primarily concentrate on supporting families in impoverished circumstances and children with special needs.

Ways You Can Make a Difference

  1. Explore Our Active Projects: Familiarize yourself with the initiatives we’re actively pursuing. Our projects are tailored to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people we serve.

  2. Offer Your Helping Hand: Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, your involvement matters. Every contribution, big or small, helps us get closer to our goal.

  3. Believe in the Circle of Goodness: We operate on the belief that every good deed comes back in circles. When you help others, you’re not only improving their lives but enriching your own as well.

You can help us with direct payment in your bank

Swedbank  EE672200221046387155

SEB EE101010220101993019

LHV EE167700771002598797

Coop Pank EE074204278613542000

Receipt: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Description: Donation (if you like to get back tax money, also add social security number)

Help us with SMS

Send message “Naerata” to 13013 and donate 1,60 EUR
Send message “Naerata” to 13017 and donate 3,20 EUR

Donation campaigns are backed by, Elisa and Tele2, who are not charging extra for donations!

In the list of NGOs with income tax benefits.

Naerata Ometi NGO has been included in the list of associations with income tax benefits according to the Income Tax Act § 11, section 1, as of 01.01.2010. In this regard, we want to notify donors that donating to us has become more favorable.

For businesses: Gifts and donations made to a person listed in § 11, section 1, during the calendar year are not subject to income tax in total, which does not exceed one of the following limits:

  1. 3% of the total payments subject to personalized social tax by the taxpayer in the same calendar year;
  2. 10% of the taxpayer’s last fiscal year’s profit ending on January 1st of the calendar year, calculated according to the legal acts regulating accounting. In the calendar year, the taxpayer considers gifts and donations mentioned in section 2 cumulatively. In determining the annual tax-free amount of these gifts and donations, the taxpayer follows only one of the mentioned limits of the same section. (Income Tax Act § 49)

For individuals: Resident natural persons have the right to deduct documented gifts and donations made to a person listed in § 11, section 1, from their taxable income during the tax period (Income Tax Act § 27) For individuals, it is necessary to provide the donor’s personal identification code so that we can notify the tax authority about the use of income tax benefits for these individuals. The donation amount will be shown on the pre-filled declaration at the tax office.

1-time donation

Donate via banklink

By clicking “donate”, You agree with our terms and conditions

1-time donation

Donate with phone

No additional fees for call operators

9008810 - 10€

9008850 - 50€

1-time donation

Donate via bank transaction

Be sure to add your social security number to transaction description, if you want to get could get back taxes.

LHV EE167700771002598797
SEB EE101010220101993019
Swedbank EE672200221046387155
Coop Pank EE074204278613542000

Receipt: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Description: Donation

1-time donation

Donate with SMS

Send message “Naerata” to 13013 and You will donate 1,65€

Send message “Naerata” to 13017
and You will donate 3,25€

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