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Christmas Smile 2022

Dear friends and supporters – here is our chance to put a huge Christmas Smile on the face of children who truly need it!

Naerata Ometi MTÜ (NGO) is announcing a charity campaign for bringing Christmas gifts to children who have to spend the holidays in a hospital. We also fulfil the gift wishes of children who live in foster homes and large families with a lot of kids.

We have organized this project successfully for 14 years already. Thanks to our kind donators, thousands of children all over Estonia have received their Christmas gift. We love bringing Christmas cheer to those children who have to spend Christmas away from home in a hospital, and also to children who live in large families and foster homes. With the help of our generous business partners, we have been able to grant their gift wishes. We were also active during the coronavirus pandemic years, when the hospitals and their staff were in an especially difficult situation. The more gifts we have been able to deliver, the more we have seen genuine happiness and gratitude of children. The importance of our undertaking is completely clear to us, and we shall continue with it full-heartedly.

In increasingly problematic financial circumstances surrounding us all, we must face the unfortunate fact that there will be more children at risk of spending Christmas in a sad mood, because their relatives and caregivers do not have enough money to buy them the gifts they hope for and deserve. Children are the most innocent members of our society, who have ended up in all of this completely unfairly. Every child should receive happiness in the form of a beautiful Christmas gift – we firmly believe that this is a human right for children.

This year, we have estimated a budget of 20,000 euros for the whole project. Most of it will go towards obtaining gifts for about 400 hospitalized children and hospital staff, also covering the logistics costs of delivering the gifts.

Hereby we invite all kind-hearted people to help support this charity campaign, so that we are able to make Christmas wonderful for those children who need it the most – and see the happiness in their eyes. You can make a contribution both financially and by fulfilling specific gift requests. If you are interested in donating gifts for the workers of foster homes and hospital staff, do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome all help from individual contributors and companies alike.

How can you help financially?

Phone donations: 

9008810 – donate 10 euros
9008850 – donate 50 euros
NB! All phone service providers have suspended service fees!

Bank transaction:

LHV Pank
Account nr: EE167700771002598797
Swift/BIC: LHVBEE22 

Account nr: EE672200221046387155

Account nr: EE101010220101993019

Coop Pank
Account nr: EE074204278613542000

Beneficiary: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Information: Joulunaeratus 2022

SMS donation:

SMS to number 13013 write Naerata joulud for donating 1,6 euros
SMS to number 13017 write Naerata joulud for donating 3,2 euros

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Donate via banklink

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Donate via phonecall

No additional fees for call operators

9008810 – 10€

9008850 – 50€

Donate via bank transaction

LHV EE167700771002598797
SEB EE101010220101993019
Swedbank EE672200221046387155
Receipt: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Description: Donation

Be sure to add your social security number to transaction description, if you want to get could get back taxes.

Donave via SMS

Send message “Naerata” to number 13013 and you will donate 1.60€

Send message “Naerata” to number 13017 and you will donate 3.20€

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