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Electricity for Triinu’s Home

Dear friends!

Last year, we started a renovation project for Triinu’s apartment in Lääne-Nigula. Triinu suffers from multiple sclerosis. We would like to thank Kristiina and Einar, who supported us financially, and all other donators who contributed financially and provided materials for the renovation. We have progressed with the work to the extent that we now need to install new electrical cables, sockets, switches, and circuit breakers. The current ones date back to the Soviet era and are completely worn out. They are dangerous and need immediate replacement. Triinu can’t even cook in the kitchen, let alone shower or carry out other essential tasks.

For this, we are announcing an additional project called “Electricity for Triinu’s Home”.

As a result of negotiations, we have found a seller and contractor at a good price. The required supplies are:

  1. Sockets – 15 pcs
  2. Switches – 5 pcs
  3. Euro backboxes (plastic round electrical boxes) – 5 pcs
  4. Plastic cable covers 40 x 60 (2 m) 21 pcs and 15 x 30 (2 m) 22 pcs.
  5. Cable 3G 2.5-100 m; 3G 1.5-100 m; 3G 6-5 m.
  6. Electrical panel with 18 modules – 1 pc
  7. Residual-current devices C10A – 1 pc; C13A – 4 pcs; C16A – 2 pcs.
  8. Installation accessories related to these works.

Additionally, the wages for the installation workers and transportation.

The total cost of the project is 3,477.85 euros. Thank you in advance to all the helpers and donators.

Together, let’s make Triinu’s apartment livable!

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Our friends-supporters! :)

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