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Help 55-year-old Triinu

Dear friends!

Our help is needed. 55-year-old Triinu, who lives near Haapsalu in Läänemaa parish, is sadly confined to a wheelchair, but she is a kind and energetic lady. As much as she has been able to, she has donated to charity campaigns herself, helping both animals and children.

This inspiring lady had been saving up from her disability checks and bought a single-room apartment. However, this apartment needs thorough sanitary repair and a new furnace, because the previous owner took the modulating furnace with them.

Actually, it was Triinu’s neighbor who turned to us with this request for help. We visited Triinu and took a look at the situation ourselves. Triinu did not speak much; smiling, she simply said that it would be great if she had a moped car, which would make it possible to move around at least somewhat: go to Haapsalu to buy groceries from the shop and medicine from the pharmacy. Nothing else is needed.

We asked her what she is using to heat the room in the winter. As an answer, Triinu gestured towards her fan heater – which is 20 years old. “This will do,” she plainly added.

This is where we ask for your kind support, generous Estonian businesspeople.

Please help us make a difference: you can contribute financially or with necessary items, also you can come and help with repair work.

It is already autumn and the apartment is getting cold and humid. This is not good at all for a woman in a wheelchair. We are hopeful that we are able to secure a nice warm temperature in the apartment for her.

Is it possible for any one of you to help purchase a moped car for Triinu? We will put the donator’s company logos and out MTÜ (NGO) logos on the car.

In addition to the moped car, we would like to help her with apartment maintenance.

  • We need to remove the old shower in the corner and make it even with the rest of the floor, so that Triinu will be able to use a walker safely.
  • We need to obtain and install a new modulating furnace. This needs to be connected to the chimney and flue. The chimney is attached to the wall on top of the house. We require help from a pottery worker or some other skilled craftsman.
  • In front of the modulating furnace, we need to lay floor tiles in a square pattern.
  • We need to lay tiles on the hallway floor.
  • As we found out, it would be great if we could install such a wallpaper that Triinu can, if necessary, repaint by herself from time to time, since she has two dogs.
  • The kitchen requires a heating element: either a pioneer oven that can be connected to a water boiler and radiator, or a medium-powered air source heat pump.
  • In the whole apartment, electrical work needs to be done (for the wiring, sockets and switches).

How can you help financially?

Bank transaction:

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Beneficiary: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Information: Triinu toetuseks

SMS donation:

SMS to number 13013 write Naerata Triinu for donating 1,6 euros
SMS to number 13017 write Naerata Triinu for donating 3,2 euros

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Our friends-supporters! :)

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