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Help cover the medical costs of 11-year-old Bella

Hello, dear friends!

We were contacted by a woman who is concerned about the well-being of her family pet. She needs help paying for her dog Bella’s medical bill, which totals 494 euros. Due to her family’s financial situation, they are unable to cover this amount on their own. Bella is an 11-year-old, well-behaved dog who is very protective of people. She also likes to roam in the woods.

Bella is very important to the family, as their other pets have passed away. Last year, the family lost a puppy, and two years ago, their kitty.

We received information that the Estonian Association for the Protection of Animals (Loomakaitse Liit) already helped pay Bella’s medical bill, so we are collecting 280 euros to compensate the Animal Protection Association for their help. 🙂

How can you help financially?

Phone donation:

9008810 – donate 10 euros
9008850 – 
donate 50 euros

Bank transaction:

LHV Pank



Coop Pank

Beneficiary: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Information: Bella toetuseks

SMS donation:

SMS to number 13013 write Naerata bella for donating 1,6 eurot
SMS to number 13017 write Naerata bella for donating 3,2 eurot

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1-time donation

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9008810 - 10€

9008850 - 50€

1-time donation

Donate via bank transaction

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LHV EE167700771002598797
SEB EE101010220101993019
Swedbank EE672200221046387155
Coop Pank EE074204278613542000

Receipt: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Description: Donation

1-time donation

Donate with SMS

Send message “Naerata” to 13013 and You will donate 1,65€

Send message “Naerata” to 13017
and You will donate 3,25€

Our friends-supporters! :)

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