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Help Liina get new hair with transplantation

Hello, dear friends!

A few years ago, we started collecting donations for hair transplantations for Liina, who lives in Central Estonia. When she was a small child, she got trapped in a burning house, which had been set on fire by a lit cigarette of her drunk neighbour. All these years, the young woman has had to live with a wig, all the while dreaming of her own, real hair.

We found the Rubenhair Baltika clinic in Riga, who specialize in very high quality hair transplant operations. Liina has been to consultations and had two operations already, which have been most successful. At first, the doctor feared that they would only be able to plant new hair to an extent of 40 percent. Fortunately, they do not have this suspicion anymore. Liina’s body accepted the new hairs perfectly: they are growing very well and the results are really good. By this time, Liina has received over 1500 new hair roots.

As it happened, the global pandemic put a halt to Liina’s hair transplantation process. Liina was also troubled by other health related problems. Today, her health is in good shape and she is once again ready for hair transplantation. We have been consistently in contact with the clinic and they are already waiting for her.

The doctor is now hopeful that Liina’s head can be transplanted with new hair up to 65-70%. To achieve this, 2-3 additional operations are needed. Between each operation, an interval of 5 months is required, so that the new hair can grow and the donor surface recover sufficiently.

In order to be able to finance these operations, we still have to collect funds. Currently, the necessary sum is in the range of 6000 to 8000 euros. The exact budget is not clear yet, because each hair root is transplanted by hand, and the whole sum depends on the quantity of hair roots. There is also an additional problem with Liina’s old wig. It has deteriorated over time and is in really bad shape. It still takes about one and a half years for the new hair to grow, so Liina is in need of a new wig in the meantime.

Let’s help Liina achieve her dream of new hair!

Sincerely and thankfully,

Naerata Ometi team


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