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Help Pille, a single mother of five children

Dear friends!

We want to help Pille (name has been changed), who is a single mother of five children. They live in a small rural village in Central Estonia. Pille is a hard-working woman who manages her daily life very well. Her children are properly fed and clothed, they attend school and go to kindergarten.

The bills for utilities, electricity and heating keep going up, as well as food prices. Even so, Pille manages to remain brave. She does not complain and does not search for any help herself. Instead, she prefers to help other people and donates to charity. When we met, she told me with a smile that everybody is struggling right now, so the only thing to do is make ends meet somehow.

”We do manage to get by,” she says. “Unfortunately, our old car has decided to stop cooperating with us and simply broke down.”

There is no point in doing repairs for it, since it would be cheaper to just buy a new one. Sadly, buying a new car is financially impossible for Pille at the current moment. She desperately needs a car, though, because she has to take her children to kindergarten, school, to see the doctor, drop them off at training etc. All these destinations are situated several kilometers away from their home.

As it happened, it was one of Pille’s friends who decided to approach our NGO for help. With a heavy heart, Pille accepted this idea.

Dear friends! Is it possible for any of you to give away a 7-seater car? Perhaps you know someone who has one to spare, or can some company help us with acquiring it, so that Pille could move around freely with her children? It is okay if the car requires some repair work. Or if you could help us out monetarily, we would be able to find the right car for Pille at some time or invest the donations in the repair fund.

How can you help financially?


Phone donation:

9008810 – donate 10 euros
9008850 – 
donate 50 euros

Bank transaction:

LHV Pank



Coop Pank

Beneficiary: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
Information: Pille toetuseks

SMS donation:

SMS to number 13013 write Naerata pille for donating 1,6 euros
SMS to number 13017 write Naerata pille for donating 3,2 euros

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9008850 - 50€

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LHV EE167700771002598797
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Swedbank EE672200221046387155
Coop Pank EE074204278613542000

Receipt: Naerata Ometi MTÜ
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1-time donation

Donate with SMS

Send message “Naerata” to 13013 and You will donate 1,65€

Send message “Naerata” to 13017
and You will donate 3,25€

Our friends-supporters! :)

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