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Let’s help install a platform lift for a young woman with multiple disabilities

Dear friends!

Kadiriin is a young woman with multiple disablities who lives in Kuressaare, on the island of Saaremaa. She is unable to move around independently. Her mode of transportation is a handicap wheelchair that is specifically modified for her use.

We were approached for help by her mother Kaja, who has been involved in a long struggle against some of the members of her apartment association who are opposed to installing the platform lift. The reason they give is that the lift looks unappealing and would have a negative effect on the façade of the building when viewed from the outside.

At first, Kadiriin’s family wanted to install a step lift inside the house. The Estonian Rescue Board does not allow this, however, because the lift would block the only evacuation route in the building, in case an accident happens and everyone needs to exit. After conducting thorough measurements, it turned out that the building is constructed in such a way that the only possible option would be to attach a platform lift on the outside wall. The lift would be installed on a special concrete stand and connected to the building externally.

Since 2017, there have been ongoing disputes to get the lift installed. Kadiriin’s story has even been mentioned in the media a few times, but sadly, this has not led to any progress. Time after time, someone has put up resistance against installing the disability lift.

During the planning stage, it was discovered that a power line on the ground would get in the way if the lift were constructed. Once again, it was required to get permission from all members of the apartment association. As before, there were those who did not give their permission.

Kadiriin and Kaja wish to build the platform lift on the outside of the building out of necessity. Kadiriin would then be able to navigate out of her home and back inside again conveniently. Her mother is no longer able to carry her all the way. She herself has back problems, and Kadiriin has grown up by now and is too heavy for being carried such a distance.

At the moment, the platform lift has been ordered and the payment has been made. Hereby, we would like to sincerely thank the Saaremaa Municipality Government.

It is now necessary to finance the building and instalment of the platform lift. The total cost of these construction plans is 30 157,87 euros. This offer was received at the end of last year. We are hopeful that the administrator of the power cable is willing to cooperate with us and still accepts this price offer. We hope that we are able to secure the funds for the building of the lift with the help of generous people and companies.

Dear friends! Let’s all take a unified stand against injustice and help finance the instalment of the platform lift Kadiriin desperately needs. Let’s combine our forces and help the young woman and her mother and make their dream come true.

We are very grateful in advance.

Together, we can achieve more!

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