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Please donate construction and repair materials

Dear friends!

Recently, we had the idea of creating a small fund consisting of construction materials/a storage room for them. A lot of construction companies and businesses doing repair works, also home improvement stores, real estate companies and private individuals engaged in construction have leftover materials, tools and clothes from their projects. These are mostly thrown away later or start collecting dust on some shelf. This is where we are approaching you with an offer to cooperate with us and donate all kinds of useful materials and tools needed at construction sites and for home repairs. These items may be used as well as new.

During our 13 years of operation as an NGO, the lion’s share of successful projects have consisted of construction works, to a lesser or greater extent. For example, we have helped buildings and apartments damaged in a fire; also we have done repairs in homes that are hazardous to health because of mold, delivered necessary firewood to families who use furnaces, refurbished those furnaces and so on. We assist in all sorts of situations where people have run into problems, and those families often have one or more small children. We vet those projects thoroughly with a substantial background check involving the local government and authorities. Having this in mind, you can rest assured that the construction materials you donate are put into use where they are needed the most. Together, we are able to achieve more. 🙂

If you are in any way able to help us in this matter, or you can get in touch with someone who could be a potential donator of materials, please do not hesitate to contact Heiki:


Heiki Lutschan


Phone nr: +372 5625 5274

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