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Christmas Smile 2023

Dear friends, supporters, and kind-hearted souls,

As the festive season of Christmas draws near, the Naerata Ometi NGO is once again embarking on a journey of compassion and goodwill. Our annual charity campaign, a tradition we have lovingly nurtured for 15 years, is more than just an event—it’s a beacon of hope and joy for children spending their holidays in hospitals, and for those in foster homes and large families.

This campaign is a testament to the power of collective kindness. Thanks to your unwavering support, we’ve been able to deliver the magic of Christmas to thousands of children across Estonia. In these challenging times, when economic hardships are more pressing than ever, your generosity shines even brighter, illuminating the lives of those in need.

Why Your Contribution Matters:

Children, the most tender members of our society, often bear the brunt of life’s harsh realities. They deserve not just our protection, but also moments of unbridled joy. A Christmas gift, a simple act of giving, can ignite smiles and create lasting, positive memories for these young souls.

How You Can Spread Joy:

This year, we aim to raise 20,000 euros. These funds are crucial for purchasing gifts and covering logistics, ensuring that we reach at least 400 children in hospitals, along with their caregivers. We also strive to bring warmth to the hearts of children in foster homes and underprivileged families. Your role as a ‘good elf’ in fulfilling these children’s Christmas wishes is invaluable.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

Your donation, whether monetary or in the form of gifts, is a priceless contribution to this cause. If you wish to personally craft gifts for hospital staff or foster home workers, we welcome your heartfelt offerings. We are equally grateful for support from individuals and businesses alike.

Financial Contributions:

Every euro brings us closer to our goal. You can help financially by:

  • Direct Donation: Transfer your donation to our bank account, detailed on our website. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference.
  • Sponsor a Child’s Wish: Choose to sponsor a specific child’s gift wish. Details of the wishes and the process are available on our campaign page.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Companies can partner with us as sponsors. We offer various sponsorship packages and acknowledge your generous support in our communications.
  • Fundraising Events: Participate in or organize fundraising events. From bake sales to charity runs, your creative ideas can generate additional funds for this cause.
  • Online Campaigns: Share our online donation campaigns on social media. Spreading the word increases our reach and impact.

Together, we have the power to light up the world for these children. Your participation in this initiative is not just a donation; it’s a declaration of love and hope. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this beautiful journey of giving and sharing. Let’s make this Christmas a memorable one for those who need it most!

How to support?

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Our friends-supporters! :)

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